Superbee ‘Rap Legend’ Album Review

Rap Legend is the Feel Ghood Music artist’s first full album. If you’re like me, then you love Superbee for the same reason you can’t stand him – his over-the-top confidence and cocky attitude (see – title of this album).

That aside, the track ‘Rap Legend’ is one of my favorite on the album. My friend Louis and I were discussing this album and comparing it to Original Gimchi, which was released a couple weeks after. He pointed out that the beats are better on this album while the lyrics were better on what he’s heard of OG. I can definitely see that. What Superbee lacks in lyrical substance he makes up for in swagger and his undeniable skillful delivery. The kid is just good at rapping and this song as well as many others on this release have great beats.

If you want solid ratchet hip hop to turn up to, Superbee delivers.

  • ‘+82 Bars’ is an ambitious feat but Superbee does it – great production on this track.
  • ‘Blur’ is one of the tracks I’ve listened to the most, featuring the Q.
  • Pass The Rhyme, which features Changmo and Dok2, is another favorite.
  • In my opinion, ‘If I Didn’t Rap’ featuring Verbal Jint and Satbyeol, doesn’t quite fit Superbee’s style but Zizon feat. BewhY was a nice surprise. I’m a big fan of the production on this track.
  • ‘Without Dope’ has a great jazzy old school vibe.
  • ‘Forgive Me’ is something different and kind of new for Superbee, with a more mature feel than what I’m used to from him. I respect him for including this on this project.
  • ‘Pattern’ was previously released as a single. The track features Superbee’s Ghood Life fam, including Double K
  • ‘Air Do The Q 3’ is the SMTM follow up release we all needed. Probably one of the dopest collab tracks I’ve heard in a while. This beat! Everyone’s verse was solid but Keem Hyo Eun definitely got the best section of the song.

Overall, this album definitely displays Superbee’s growth as an artist since his The Life is 82 mixtape (the last release from him I listened to a lot). I was a little disappointed there was no music video release with this album, but hey, maybe we’ll get one later.

What did you think of Rap Legend? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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