Sik-K ‘TRAPART’ Mixtape Review

TRAPART, released back in January, is Sik-K’s latest project. I personally very much enjoy Sik-K’s approach to trap music. Listening to TRAPART the first few times from beginning to end, I was impressed by the fact there is never a dull moment on this mixtape.

TRAPART contains the pre-released singles ‘Choppy’ prod. BOYCOLD, ‘YeLows Gang’ ft. Herr Nayne, Woodie Gochild) and ‘Never Know’ feat. Ye Ali.

There are a lot of tracks (eleven, to be exact). The first track ‘Young Boy’ transitions so smoothly into ‘YeLowS Gang’, probably because both tracks are produced by GroovyRoom. I love the overall vibe of both of these tracks – I think we get a different sound from GroovyRoom than we’re used to hearing.

TRAPART was my first introduction to producer Vangdale. Of the tracks produced by him on this mixtape, ‘Boomin’ stands out. ‘Boomin’ is the perfect fit for Loopy’s rap style.

Loco and Ye Ali feature on the Korean and English versions of ‘Never Know’, produced by Vangdale. ‘Never Know’ is an interesting one to include on this mixtape because of the solid R&B flavor of the instrumentals. Both Loco and Ye Ali were great choices for features.

So glad to have more work from BOYCOLD on this mixtape. I really enjoy both ‘Choppy’ and ‘lil baby’.

If I have to pick a favorite track, ‘Another 0’ featuring The Quiett is it.

Overall, all of the elements of this mixtape came together well. The best things about this mixtape are 1) the flow of the tracks into each other, 2) the ease with which Sik-K molds his delivery to compliment each beat, 3) the selection of feature artists, and 4) the simplicity and repetitive nature of the lyrics.

Sik-K recently turned 25. I think for such a young artist, he seems to have a strong sense of who he is and the kind of music he wants to make. I can’t wait to see him and the rest of the H1GHR Gang in Chicago later this month.

Ket me know in the comments what your favorite track on TRAPART is.

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