JUSTHIS & Paloalto Drop Collab Single ‘Brown Eyes View’ feat. CIFIKA

Rappers Justhis and Paloalto have collaborated for the second time this year to release the single ‘Brown Eyes View’ which features vocalist CIFIKA! This song is very different from Justhis x Paloalto’s ‘Cooler Than the Cool’ from September. I love the quality CIFIKA’s vocals bring to this track. If you’re not familiar with her, read this review of her debut EP Intelligentsia from Korean Indie.

Stellar production from BRLLNT for this song. I’m really excited for more content from him soon (read my review of his debut EP Girl here). I haven’t really explored Justhis’ work but I enjoyed his rapping on this single. I dig Paloalto’s music generally but this is probably my favorite project he’s been a part of this year. Check out the music video below:

I realized I never covered Paloalto’s ‘Rapflicks’ collab with G2 and Huckleberry P from The Cut. Here it is:

Let me know what you think of ‘Brown Eyes View’! Thanks for reading!

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