Rad Museum ‘Scene’ Album Review

I’ve only known about Rad Museum since his feature on offonoff’s boy. album (on the track ‘homeless door’). Exactly one month ago, Rad Museum released his first EP titled Scene. He’s very new to me and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised after hearing his music. While he does share that collective Club Eskimo artist vibe, his style is unique.

Here is a quick review of Scene track by track!

Over The Fence

An easy-going track to move us slowly into the album. It’s rhythmic with a dream-like quality and lulling vocals. I love the bass that anchors everything else and then the incorporation of the birds and other background noises.

Cloud (feat. Colde, punchnello & MISO)

Songs with this many artists featuring usually make me nervous because I’m never sure how everyone will mesh together. This one is great. I love the way this track transitions into MISO’s verse.

Dancing in the Rain

This is one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s a little slower and darker than the other songs so far. I love the guitar and the way Rad Museum’s vocals echo at the beginning of the song.


A fun, upbeat song with a garage band feel. So far I’m enjoying each song’s unique character. Cohesiveness in an album is great, but I like it when an artist isn’t afraid to jump around a bit sonically which is exactly what Rad Museum is doing here.


‘Nobody knows my birthday I feel so blue’ – this song is so catchy. Out of all the tracks, this is the one I most would’ve liked to have a music video for. Here I want to acknowledge that the production on this album is really good.

Tiny Little Boy (feat. DEAN)

Hmm I’m really digging the bossa nova instrumentals on this track. Dean gives us a little rapping in addition to vocals here and it’s great.


A great laid-back track to close the album. Rad Museum seamlessly moves between using English and Korean lyrics throughout the album but I think it’s most noticeable in this song.

I can honestly say I enjoy every song on this album. Looking forward to more great music from Rad Museum in the future. What did you think of Scene?

You can follow Rad Museum on Instagram here.

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