Dok2 ‘Crazy’ EP Review

Dok2 released his new EP ‘Crazy’ last week. The entire EP was produced by AOMG’s resident producer GRAY. Here are my thoughts on each track:

Good Vibration
Dok2’s classic steady flow over a solid GRAY-produced beat.

Thumb, Pt.2 (feat. Keem Hyo-Eun)
I love the vibe of this album so far. Great use of sampling here to really solidify the old school feel of the track. One of the best features from Hyo-Eun to date. This beat and the rhythm of his flow are a great match.

Not my favorite turn up track from Dok2. I think I wanted more bass. This is one of those tracks that’s just okay recorded but probably a lot more fun live.

I Don’t Know (feat. Hash Swan)
I respect GRAY’s versatility…this beat has got a little funk to it and is probably the most dance-worthy track on the EP although there’s still not enough bass for me. I must say, this track is perfect for Hash Swan.

Vibe (Outro)
The great jazz elements we heard at the beginning of the album make a return for this laid-back outro.

Crazy (Remix) (feat. CHANGMO)
In my opinion, Dok2 could have just used this version for the single! I like Changmo’s style – he definitely brings his own flavor to every track he features on.

Overall, something a bit different from Dok2 this time around. I do like this EP better than his Future Flame release. What did you think of the EP? Let me know in the comments!

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