BRLLNT ‘Girl’ EP Highlights

I started listening to BRLLNT fairly recently after finding him on SoundCloud. He is a part of the Pute Deluxe and almost 90 collectives. You can learn more about the 22-year-old producer in this interview with COLORS.

This is his first official EP release. I think he’s super talented and definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future! He’s producing the new Paloalto x Justhis single ‘Brown Eyes View’ featuring CIFIKA dropping on the 28th!

Here’s a quick review of ‘Girl’:

7 (feat. DUVV)
This is my favorite track hands down. I love Duvv’s vocals – she kills this. In two languages at that. I’m planning to write an Artist Highlight piece on Duvv very soon; for now you can listen to me talk about her and her music on Episode 17 of The TLA Podcast here (starting @ 13:35). With this song, BRLLNT’s production sits somewhere right at the intersection of neo-soul and hip hop.

Girl (feat. CHANGMO)
A bop. A word of caution before you blast this one, some of the lyrics are more on the ~explicit~ side.

Drown (feat. SUMIN)
I really enjoy this track. I love the way that Sumin’s vocals are layered in this song. Sometimes her singing is the main focus, and other times, most noticeably in the hook, her voice blends perfectly with the instrumental track. As far as lady artists go, Sumin is probably my vocal crush for 2017.

Honest (feat. Paul Blanco)
Personally my least favorite track, mainly because I would have preferred a different feature artist and stronger lyrics.

Overall, a strong EP debut for BRLLNT. I highly recommend checking out his other music on SoundCloud. You can follow him on Instagram here.

What did you think of ‘Girl’? Leave a comment below!


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