Meet Producer BOYCOLD [Artist Interview] (ENG Version)

Many thanks to Boycold for doing this interview! You can read the Korean translated interview here. Make sure to check out my review of the EP he produced for Sik-K here. 

– Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I am YELOWS MOB Producer, BOYCOLD.

-How would you describe your music? What or who has inspired your style the most?

I usually produce diverse types of music styles, so it’s difficult to categorize it into a single genre, but I pursue music that combines vintage and trendy sounds. My greatest influence for my career has always been Groovy Room, who I’ve been with since I first started music. We live together and talk about a lot of things together everyday. I get inspired by many different artists, but in the end, I think it’s my environment that makes me into who I am.

– When did you start producing music?
I was 16 when I first became interested in music and made music for fun, and I was 19 when I started to make music seriously.


– What’s the hardest part of being a producer? 

I think it’s trying to keep up with the new trends and music styles coming out daily. I worry a lot about whether the music I’m making is sophisticated or not, and I think a lot of my stress stems from that.

– How did you join Yelows Mob?

I’ve known the members of YELOWS MOB for a while now, but it was when I collaborated on SIK-K’s album H.A.L.F that I officially joined the crew.

– You produced the beat for ‘Puzzle’ which won Best Rap Performance at the MAMAs last year – congrats! How did you end up working on ‘Puzzle’? 

Even before BeWhy was on Show Me the Money 5, we traded beats and worked together on songs. After C Jamm heard the song that I worked on for BewhY, I got a call from C Jamm and we also started to work together. Soon after, they both went on SMTM5 and after the show ended, I got the opportunity to work on their collab single. It was a pretty natural process. Even though this is my most well-known song, I still feel like I could have done better but unfortunately we were tight on time and had to urgently work on this.

– Two of my favorite songs you’ve produced are  ‘아주조금’  on Sik-K’s HALF and ‘Bulletproof’ on Crucial Star’s Fall2. Do you have a favorite song you produced so far?

Recently, I worked with SIK-K on a song called ‘H1ghr Gang’ on his album BOYCOLD. I like that song the best.

– What song do you listen to often these days?

PNB Rock – ‘Feelins’,  because it’s both emotional and hype.

 – Is there anything you wanted to do besides rapping/producing/singing? 
If I wasn’t an artist, I think I would be still in the industry. I would work in A&R or producing. Producing and creating for artists is also my future dream.


– Do you have any hobbies other than music?

I like to watch movies. There’s a game called OVERWATCH I like playing. Besides that, not much. I’m in the studio almost every day.

 – How do you feel about the spread of Korean hip hop/music globally? 

Seeing other Korean artists spread their content globally is like positive reinforcement for me. Even though I released an album in Korean, recently, other international artists have also reached out for collaborations. Because of that, it definitely feels like artists globally have a larger interest in Korean music than ever before. If there is a good opportunity, I would like to collaborate with artists outside of my country.

– What is your advice to young people who hope to pursue a career in music? 

There are not many things you can do by yourself. I get inspired by the great people around me. It’s very important to have people around that have a positive influence on you.


Many thanks to my friends Cree and Jessica for their help with translating! ❤

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