WoodieGoChild Joins H1GHR Music!

Okay so this is not officially official just yet BUT pH-1 posted this on his Insta story today (the iOS screen capture feature is magical):

If you watched Show Me The Money this past summer, this is something you might have seen coming. Woodie GoChild received an All Pass from the judges for his second round audition this summer and later was chosen by Jay Park and Dok2 to be on their team.



The rapper became quite the character on the show, known for his constant dance moves and trademark pigeon noises.

Woodie GoChild is a part of a crew called Young Thugs Club. He recently featured on artist Xion’s song Lookin’. You can watch the music video below:

You can follow Woodie GoChild on Instagram here. I’m looking forward to see what comes from him joining H1GHR Music.

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