Rapper pH-1 releases The Island Kid! [Album Review]

Last week, H1GHR Music artist pH-1 released his album titled The Island Kid! The album contains six tracks – Christ,  Donut (feat. Jay Park), Game Night, Cuckoo, Escobar (feat. Owen Ovadoz), and ’15 (feat. G.Soul).  pH-1 gave shout-outs to his producers on his Instagram story:


I’m a big fan of Thurxday’s work so far so it’s no surprise that ‘Donut’ and ‘Escobar’ are my favorite tracks on the album. I also really like ‘Cuckoo’, produced by Slom aka Minu Kim. You can find him on SoundCloud here.

Overall, I love the sound of this album. pH-1’s growth as an artist since the release of his ’15 mixtape is evident. Something you might notice listening to The Island Kid is that pH-1 has a really nice voice and this translates into his smooth, melodic rap style. As I mentioned in my Artist Highlight on pH-1, his music is really strong lyrically and in this album he shares more about the path that led him to pursue music, his faith, and his childhood. Every song has a different mood – ‘Christ’ has an exultant tone,  pH-1 waxes reflective on ‘Cuckoo’, ‘Donut’ is simply a fun, feel good track while ‘Escobar’ is more groovy.

I love the new version of ’15, originally released as the title track of his ’15 mixtape. The Cut has released two live sessions of pH-1 performing ‘Game Night’ and ”15′. Check them out below! Thanks for reading and let me know what your favorite tracks from The Island Kid are.

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