Show Me The Money 6 – Episode 7 Recap

Shout out to the hard-working folks over at K-HipHop Subs as always!

Apologies for the timing of these last couple of recaps! This last month has been a busy time for me and by now many of you probably already know who won. Nevertheless, here’s a quick recap of episode 7 this season!

There are 16 rappers remaining who will enter the Team Battle. Each losing team will have to eliminate someone while the winning team will receive money for their next stage.

Team Zico-Dean gets to choose their opponent first – their choice? Team Dobak. Jay and Dok2 don’t seem to be worried because they no longer have to be concerned about Olltii. This leaves Team Dynamic Duo and Tiger JK and Bizzy’s team to face each other.



The battle will be in a 1 v. 1, 2 v. 2 format this time:

Round 1 – Ryno will face Black NineHanhae will battle Maniac, and Nucksal & Jo Woochan will challenge Asol & Woo Wonjae.  

Round 2 – Hangzoo vs. Ja MezzYoung B vs. Ness, and Hash Swan & Killagramz vs. Junoflo & Woodie GoChild. 

The diss battle round usually involves the rappers doing their best to dig up whatever dirt they can find to use against their opponent. Jay Park and Dok2 have spent lots of money in preparation (per usual).


As the rappers start their research, a commercial Nucksal did in the past (which wasn’t very good) comes up. Jo Woochan seems very confident. He isn’t intimidate at all and his team is very thankful for him. Black Nine, and apparently everyone else, wanted to avoid Team DD because of Woochan.


Tiger JK tells his team they’ll have to be more creative in order to avoid the usual vulgarity and profanity in their battle rapping. During Team DD’s strategy session, Jo Woochan mentions Woo Wonjae’s constant talk about his mom in his raps (and does an impression of Wonjae’s that’s spot on).

Hanhae has prepared some special ammunition – Maniac’s feature in Solbi’s song. The team even calls Solbi to get her permission for their idea.

I anticipate that these teams will have the most interesting battle to date.

I thought Black Nine’s lyrics were a little weak while Ryno’s diction could have been clearer.

A DEFINITE highlight of this battle was Woo Wonjae telling Woochan there’s no such thing as Santa Claus (#dead). Woo Wonjae was surprisingly good in this round. Woochan freestyled towards the end of his rap due to forgetting his lyrics but managed to maintain his composure.

Maniac did really well with that beat. Hanhae had great delivery and content.

Which team will come out on top??

Team Dynamic Duo wins this round!

Time for the next battle. Hash Swan and Junoflo have history but Young B can’t seem to find much on Ness (who made his Instagram account private in preparation for the battle haha). Ness has a plan to make a reference to Young B’s ‘hit song’. Jay is really shady and says something to the effect of “He has a hit song?!”


Young B claims there’s nothing to know about Ness besides the fact that “He’s tall and can’t rap”. Woodie’s dance background is revealed by Killagramz.

Meanwhile, Ja Mezz has a secret meeting with the other members of Rhythm Power, asking them for tips on how to attack Hangzoo.

Both teams prepare videos for one another, full of threats and provocative statements. Ness tells Young B not to expect to make it far on this show because it’s not HSR, claiming he didn’t improve because of his experience on that program. Young B is legitimately mad, to the rest of his team’s amusement.


In the words of Team Dobak, ‘let’s get it’:

Ness did better than expected. Wearing the High School Rapper jacket was a clever move.

The name tags for Ness and Woodie Go Child were rude, but also clever. I loved Young B’s beat choice. It was truly a mistake to go and make him angry. His tone and attitude for this battle were great.


I wasn’t sure how Woodie Go Child would handle this challenge but his imitations of Hash Swan and Killagramz were on point. Junoflo had great delivery but I was a little underwhelmed by his verses. I thought Hash Swan bringing back his outfit from last season was awesome.


Hash Swan messed up his lyrics however and because said he was not satisfied with his performance.

Everyone was really looking forward to Ja Mezz and Hangzoo’s battle. Both did really well.

What are the results?? Team CoDean gets the victory this time. Each losing team must now send a rapper home. Ness leaves Team Dobak and Asol has to leave Tiger JK and Bizzy’s team.

Now that the diss battles are over, the official performances can begin! The losing teams will face each other first.


Two rappers from each team will be picked to potentially perform with the producers. One of them will be eliminated in the infamous mic selection process. Zico and Dean pick Hash Swan and Killagramz, causing Hash Swan to worry.


On the other team, Nucksal and Jo Woochan will do a collaboration stage while the Choiza and Gaeko will choose either Hanhae or Ryno to perform with them.

Hash Swan struggles with his rehearsal stage while Killagramz seems more comfortable with the song. Who will be chosen?


I thought Killagramz had the perfect vibe and voice for this track. It’s a fun summer song. I’m sad about Hash Swan but agree with Zico that Killagramz had “better chemistry” with the producers.

In the days leading up to the mic selection, Hanhae has a cute video chat session with his mom.


Hanhae is worried about not being able to make it past this point again. Ryno is working really hard to be the one to perform with the producers.

In the end, who is chosen? Hanhae gets his chance at redemption!

I love this song. This was a great for performance for Hanhae.

Who did the audience like better?


As they begin to tally the votes, Killagramz is ahead by a small margin based on the first round votes alone. After the first and second round votes are tallied, who will be the winner? Mnet leaves us hanging until the following episode.

Thanks for reading!

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