[Artist Highlight] Double Feature: Changmo and Sumin

Sumin is a R&B vocalist currently signed under Luv Jones Records. She has a very soulful voice that is perfect for the 90s R&B vibe her music has. Check out her cover of ‘Dumb Dumb’ by K-pop girl group Red Velvet:


Sumin gained a lot of attention last year after featuring on Jimin from BTS’s song ‘Lie’ on the Wings album and releasing her song ‘U & Me’ featuring Jinbo.

In June of this year, Sumin released her single album Sparkling, which contained three tracks:

  • ‘Brown’ features Hoody, an artist whose vocals compliment Sumin’s throwback R&B/soul groove perfectly.
  • ‘Sparkling’ is of course the title song. The melody and band instrumentals are reminiscent of Earth, Wind and Fire’s sound (a Youtube user who commented on the music video concurs). I would actually love to hear a cover of one of their songs by Jinbo and SUMIN. 
  • ‘I Wish To Do (featuring PERC%NT)’ – this song was one of my friend Louis’ recommendations on our podcast a couple weeks ago. I was not familiar with the feature artist, PERC%NT, before this song but he and SUMIN sound great together.

A couple of days after Sparkling dropped, Jinbo released his KRNB, Pt. 1 EP.  There’s an amazing cover of ‘TT’ by Twice on the album that Sumin features on. Check out a live acoustic session of Jinbo and Sumin performing ‘TT’ and their song ‘U & Me’ below!

Other songs you’ll enjoy that Sumin is featured on: YunB’s ‘U’ and Deepflow’s single ‘Sofa’ with Nucksal, and Loco’s ‘다시 앞으로 (Rewind)’. 

23-year-old producer and rapper Changmo joined Ambition Musik last fall. His debut album, M O T O W N, was released in the spring of last year under his previous label Luminant Entertainment. Changmo’s music stands out a little bit from music that’s currently popular. Similar to Sumin, his genre of hip hop sounds in some ways comes from a different era. Usually I find the use of autotune annoying or unnecessary, but for some reason it works for Changmo.

Earlier this year, Changmo received a BET nomination for the Best International Viewer’s Choice award. If he were to collab with an American artist, for some reason I feel like he and Meek Mill could work because their rapping styles strike me as similar. 

Changmo has many notable features and collaborations, two of my faves being Suran’s song ‘오늘 취하면 (If I Get Drunk Today)’/’Wine’ and ‘Money On The Floor’ from The Quiett’s Millionaire Poetry album.

Before writing this, I had only listened to Changmo’s latest album, Gettin Money Moment, all the way through. Some tracks I really enjoy are ‘Inkigayo’, ‘One More Rollie’ (who knew that Keem Hyo Eun could sound so dynamic?!), ‘Show Me Luv’ feat. Sik-K, and ‘Bape’. 

Here are some tracks I recommend from Changmo’s other albums:

On M O T O W N  (available on Soundcloud) – ‘Light Me Up’ and ‘Cater 2 You’

On Time to Earn Money 2 – ‘Maestro’ and ‘Beautiful’


On Time to Earn Money 3 – ‘Bling!’ and ‘아이야 (Ah Yee Ya)’ featuring Beenzino

Excited to hear music from these artists in the future! What are your favorite songs by Changmo and Sumin? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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