Loco Keeps the Summer Vibes Coming with New EP

Last week, AOMG artist Loco dropped his Summer Go Loco EP. Loco’s Bleached album was just released at the end of May so I wasn’t expecting new music from him so soon! There are four tracks on the EP (see track list below).


The title track is produced by Cha Cha Malone and features AOMG labelmate Gray. I was excited to see Sam Kim on ‘Alright, Summer Time’ since his last collaboration with Loco was gold. ‘Oppa’ and ‘Party Band’ were produced by H1GHR Music artist Thurxday (I’m a pretty big fan lately).

‘Oppa’ and ‘Alright, Summer Time’ (produced by Woogie Park I believe) are my favorite tracks on this EP. Which songs do you like? Check out the music video for the title track below!

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