DEAN in Chicago Pt. 2 [Show Review]

DEAN returned to the Windy City again this year, this time on tour with Club Eskimo!

I love the way DEAN and friends kicked things off. Usually the audience is forced to wait forever while the artists prepare backstage but at the start of the show, DEAN, Saay, Colde and Miso jammed on stage while 0channel (the DJ half of offonoff) or 2xxx! played some jams.

It was cool to be introduced to Saay through this show. She performed three songs. The last one, ‘Circle’, is her first single. She has one short album The Zone available on her Soundcloud and I believe she said she has a mixtape coming soon in the next couple weeks. 

Offonoff tho…Colde’s voiceeeee. It has this great husky tone to it. DEAN joined in for the first song. They performed my favorite song, ‘Photograph’, and ‘Pink Ocean’ which you can find on Soundcloud. They also shared the song ‘Good to Me’ from their next album.

MISO was so wonderful. She has a quieter voice and I wish I could have heard her better over the crowd.  She performed ‘Castaway’ and a newer R&B style song called ‘I still need’ (listen here). Miso performed a lot of her latest music including a couple songs from her upcoming album.

Last but not least DEAN‘s stage. He may have shed his signature trenchcoat look but he seems to have traded it for a scarf he wore over his head for a good part of the show. He performed these tracks among others:

  • Put My Hands On You
  • Pour Up
  • What2Do
  • 어때
  • 21
  • Half Moon
  • I’m Not Sorry

A bonus of the night was DEAN jamming to a remix of Crush’s song ‘Oasis’ and to various American rap songs (he is a big fan of Kendrick).  DEAN ended the show with ‘No Problem’ by Chance the Rapper (appropriate when in Chi-town) and then returned to the stage with ‘I Love It’ for the encore.

I’m really glad DEAN came with Club Eskimo this time around. The Vic is a great venue for Chicago. My only complaint was that the lights weren’t bright enough so I wasn’t able to get great pictures.

Check out my snapchat story from the night of the show featuring some of the performances!


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