JazzyFact Is Back!

Every-body, we got the jazz and we got the facts. Get ready, let’s get it started, we got the jazz and we got the facts. 

I chose Lim Sung-bin’s Instagram photo from 6 hours ago because I thought it was an appropriate representation of how I feel about Jazzyfact’s return. If you’ve never heard of JazzyFact (Beenzino x Shimmy Twice), then you MUST go listen to their first album ‘Life’s Like’ (available on Apple Music) and their single ‘Always Awake’, one of my favorite songs ever. Beenzino started teasing Jazzyfact’s new EP Waves Like last week. The album finally dropped today! Here’s the track list:

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I’m soooooo excited to listen to this album. My boy 김효은 (Keem Hyo Eun) is on one of the tracks. There’s a music video for the title song ‘하루종일 (All Day)’ that you can watch below!

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