First Listen: Loco Delivers on ‘Bleached’ [Album Review]

Loco has been a busy man. Bleached is a  full album accompanied by 4 whole music videos.  It has been three years since Loco’s Locomotive EP so I’m sure anticipation for this album was high among all of his fans, especially for those of us who’ve followed him since his VV:D  crew days.  Here’s a quick review I wrote up while listening to Bleached all the way through for the first time. 

Track 1 – A.O.M.G.

This first track has me so hyped for the rest of the album. As much as I love Loco features and Loco collaborating with other artists, it’s so good to have a whole album with just Loco giving us the music that he wanted to make. I think fans will be reminded again and again of how great a rapper Loco truly is on this album.

Track 2 – Movie Shoot

If you watched the music video, then like me you’ve already heard this song.  Loco has a nice laid back flow on this track and you’ve gotta love that little hook he throws in (‘oh you got a spoiler‘). DPR Live’s verse is golden, proving once again that he’s unstoppable this year. 

Track 3 – So Bad (feat. Sik-K)

The way this track starts reminds me of the beginning of ‘Think’ by Reddy featuring Jay Park (was that produced by Woogie also?). ‘So Bad’ is a slow R&B groove, a style that both Loco and Sik-K (Ring Ring anyone?) have proven to be good at. Sik-K killed me with that ‘I’m young with good manners’ line. 

Track 4 – 호랑이 Macan

The beat on this track was a little disorienting at first. It starts off neo-jazz and then a reggae beat gets thrown in for the chorus. A little strange but Loco somehow makes it work. 

Track 5 – 입버릇저럼 Like I’m Saying

Love the production of this track (I hear you, Woogie, I hear you). Excited for someone to post translations because I know Loco is usually pretty strong lyrically. This is one of my favorite songs on the album so far.

Track 6 – 지나쳐 Too Much 

Ah that GRAY signature in the beginning…This song has a nice bounce to it, definitely dance-worthy. I love DEAN’s versatility (here’s a quick plug for his single with Syd, it’s excellent).

Track 7- 아침은 까맣고 Brighten Your Night

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the beginning but as soon as the beat dropped I was hooked. No one needs me to point this out but Loco’s SO GOOD at rapping. He has a way of swiftly switching his rhythm to adapt to a wide range of beats, often changing it up once or twice in the same song.  We get a glimpse of the smiling, goofy Loco we know  and love in the music video for this song: 

Track 8 – Da Da Da (feat. Hoody)

I was so excited to see Hoody’s name on this track list. This is one of my favorite tracks for a couple reasons and her life-giving vocals are one of them. 

Tracks 9 – ‘남아있어 Still’ (feat. Crush) and 10 – ‘너도 You Too’ (feat. Cha Cha Malone) were released last year. ‘Still’ has been my morning alarm for the past couple months and I’m not sick of it yet. 

Track 11 – 다시 앞으로 Rewind (feat. SUMIN) is a great closing song. I really enjoy Sumin’s vocals on this track. 

This is such a solid album. Like I told my friend, truly there isn’t one bad song. Really hoping AOMG goes on another tour so we can enjoy some of the songs from Bleached live. What did you think of the album? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

*Somewhat unrelated to the review but Loco’s relatively new ‘bleached’ hair is gone as of yesterday:

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