Get A Glimpse Into ‘G2’s Life’

Hilite rapper G2 has been really busy the last couple months, releasing Parts 1 and 2 of his ‘G2’s Life’ project. I wrote briefly about the song ‘1999‘ from Pt. 1 of the album (see the music video at the link). ‘Oasis’ is definitely my favorite song from Pt. 1.

Below is a preview of each song on Pt. 2. I really enjoy ‘Bread’ and ‘Bang’, both of which have music videos which you can find below!

It’s clear that G2’s aim with this project was to release great music and share his story with his fans. I loved getting to see clips of him performing and linking up with old homies in the States. Gotta love the Texas pride.

G2 has shared even more about himself and his journey as an artist through a short documentary released by Hilite Records titled ‘A Portrait of G2’! Check out both segments with English subs (courtesy of KStyle TV) below:

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