New Music from Sanchez, Gaeko, Jay Park and Reddy

I just got back from being overseas for about 10 days so I’m a little bit behind on some of the new music that has been released the last couple of weeks. I have finals fast approaching so there’s lots to do (pray for me ya’ll) but here’s a quick update on these artists!

On March 23rd, Brand New Music artist Sanchez released a new two-track mini-album. The title song, ‘5분만 더 (5 More Minutes)’, features Beenzino (I LOVE Beenzino on tracks like this) and man, does this song make me miss Phantom’s sound. Speaking of Phantom, Hanhae is apparently planning to appear on SMTM again this year?!


I’m still not sure why Sanchez even bothered to try out for Show Me The Money last season. He’s not bad at rapping but I’m glad he’s back to doing what he does best. Sanchez, keep the R&B jams coming! You can find the English lyrics here and check out the music video below!

Also on the 23rd of last month, Hilite artist Reddy released a new track ‘My Lite’ featuring rapper A.C.T. (who also featured on G2’s latest album). This song has a different sound from the last couple of things he’s released and I’m here for it. Reddy usually has great collaborations, from his song ‘Chi Kwon’ with Brandun Deshay wfrom last year (a personal favorite) to his recent feature on Suzy’s album Yes? No?. Check out the music video for “My Lite’ below:

On March 31st, Gaeko released a new song ‘Gajah’ featuring Rap Monster from idol group BTS. Gaeko’s flow has really grown on me over the years. He has a unique sound and rhythm when he raps that makes his music something special. It was just announced that Gaeko and Choiza will be a producer team for the coming season of Show Me The Money! Rap Monster sounds great on this track (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a BTS fan). Check out an excellent live version of ‘Gajah’ below and read the lyrics here.

On April 2nd, Jay Park released ‘Raw Sh!t’ produced by DJ Wegun. Check out this blurb from Apple Music: “While the production is inspired by ’90s boom-bap, the topics Jay Park covers in “Raw Sh!t” are uniquely 2017. The rapper-CEO says the track “ain’t for K-pop fans” as he references South Korea’s heated political situation (“I don’t support dirty politicians”) while saying the media tries to poison our minds. Despite the track’s aggressive nature, there’s a message of optimism as Park declares his hope for a better world, suggesting a deeper dive than K-pop is used to taking.”

Not only do I enjoy the way Jay Park’s flow compliments the ’90s boom-bap beat, but I appreciate him addressing important issues. Something tells me Park Geun Hye wasn’t the only politician he had in mind…These lyrics stood out to me as well: “Killers frontin’ like they cops, People prayin’ in the house of God, afraid they gon’ get shot”.

Watch the music video below:


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