Have You Listened to ‘Reborn’ Yet? Read This Review of Dok2’s Newest Album

Dok2 released his latest album titled Reborn on March 28th (also his birthday). The album has 10 tracks and it features a host of talented artists, including his Illionaire and Ambition Musik friends The Quiett, Beenzino, Hash Swan, Kim Hyo Eun and Changmo. Every song on the album except for the last one was produced by the talented Groovy Room duo. Here’s the track list:

Track 1 – Reborn
Track 2 – Ambition and Vision (feat. Beenzino, Changmo, Kim Hyo Eun, Hash Swan, The Quiett)
Track 3 – Rollercoaster (feat. Cho Wonseon)
Track 4 – Hiphop Lover
Track 5 – Plus 82 (feat. Bryan Chase)
Track 6 – WTF
Track 7 – Wattup (feat. Kim Hyo Eun)
Track 8 – In My Whip (feat. Jay Park, Superbee, The Quiett)
Track 9 – On & On (feat. Lee Hi)
Track 10 – Money Dance (Bonus Track) (feat. B-Free, Bryan Chase, Okasian)

I’m in the midst of finishing up the last couple weeks of school so I don’t have as much time as I would like to devote to this blog. So instead of publishing my own review, I wanted to share this really great review by a writer at Allkpop. Allkpop is a K-Pop site primarily but this is a great review and I agree with most of the sentiments. My favorite songs on the album are Rollercoaster, Wattup, In My Whip, On & On and Money Dance. What songs do you like?

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