Watch: B-Free x Bryan Chase x Ronny J ‘TAKEOFF’

  1. Shout out to 88Rising for releasing great content.
  2. Where has Bryan Cha$e been and when will he drop another album??
  3. I’m glad these two are keeping the Cohort alive.
  4. Ronny J is a producer out of Florida who works primarily with rapper Denzel Curry.
  5. Ronny J produced Keith Ape’s song ‘Vigorous’, which featured Denzel Curry.
  6. People complain about this style of music all the time but I don’t know why? B-Free and Bryan Cha$e do it well.  Ronny J’s beat is dope. The video, directed by Korlio and Bryan Cha$e himself, is low quality but it fits the song. I’m here for all of it.

You can follow Ronny J on Soundcloud here. Let me know what you think of ‘TAKEOFF’ and check out the music video below!

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