ICYMI: December Edition | New Music from Junoflo, Hoody, Groovy Room and more

My finals are finally over so it’s time to catch up on all the new music that has been released so far this month!

  • Hoody is truly holding her own as AOMG’s leading lady. Last week the talented vocalist released a new single titled ‘By Your Side’ featuring R&B artist Jinbo. The song is from her new EP On and On which will be released on the 16th! Check out the track list and the music video for ‘By Your Side’ below:



  • Junoflo has released his first single album Deja Vu under Feel Ghood Music! The album consists of the title track ‘Deja Vu’ and another track titled ‘Infinite Styles’. I’ve loved Junoflo ever since I found about him this summer. He’s incredibly humble and very talented. Check out his new music video below:


  • Two of my favorite producers this year have been the GroovyRoom duo. GroovyRoom just dropped their first single album titled Loyalty with two songs featuring Dok2, Ailee, Nafla and Verbal Jint. Both tracks are solid, which is no surprise at all since they’ve been on fire for a while now.
  • Crucial Star dropped a surprise music video last week for ‘She’s The Most Beautiful When She’s Not Mine’ from his recent album Fall 2Check it out below:


  • Last but not least, Heize’s new single ‘Star’ was released the first week of December. Check out the music video below:


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