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Many thanks to pH-1 for agreeing to do a quick interview! If you’re not familiar with him, you definitely should be, so go check out my artist highlight on him here. Also, make sure to follow pH-1 on social media: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Youtube 

  • Start by introducing yourself:

I’m pH-1, a Korean American rapper from New York, currently based in Seoul.

  • How did you start rapping?

It all started as a hobby, and it became more serious over time. I knew to move out to Seoul to actually pursue music when I found out many artists and fans showed love for my music. I guess it was some type of confirmation or assurance.

  • What did you want to be when you were a kid?

It changed very often. But the most memorable one was to become a soccer player. I love playing soccer to this day.

  • Who or what has inspired you the most as an artist?

Seeing other artists living their dreams, and watching it from across the sea made me want to do it myself.

  • How would you describe your style? 

My style is definitely inspired by jazz, neo-soul, funk, gospel, and etc. I like music in general, and rap music wasn’t the first genre I loved. I used to listen to a wide variety of music, so my music tends to reflect my spectrum of musicality.

  • How do you feel you’ve grown as an artist in the last year?

I’ve definitely made a lot more presence in the underground scene. I’ve been getting more exposure and recognition. It’s time to move on to bigger things now.


  • I’ve really enjoyed your collabs with Owen Ovadoz. How did you guys become friends and start creating music together?

When Owen was on Show Me The Money Season 3, I saw him and really liked his vibe. So I contacted him and we started working together since then. We click well when creating music as well as in person.

  • What was the process creating ’15 like? What are your favorite tracks from the album?

The main objective of making my mixtape ’15 was to get my name out there. Until then, I had only been putting out single tracks on Soundcloud, but never a packaged unit of tracks to really show people who I am. So I worked with a couple producers I thought were dope, and I am pleased about the positive reactions I got. My favorite track is the title track of my mixtape called ’15 (feat. Owen Ovadoz).

  • Can you talk about the message behind your song ‘Young’? 

Young was written in hopes of telling people that many times we spend our time and energy on superficial things, just to seek love and approval of others. I wanted people to realize that we are all unique and no matter your age, we are still young. Be you, don’t live for other people.

  • Who would you like to collab with in 2017?

I definitely want to collab with vocal artists like Jay Park, Dean or Zion.T.

  • What are some things you enjoy doing (besides creating music?)

Playing soccer, definitely. I play once a week with my church friends.

  • Are you currently creating music in Korea, or New York, or traveling back and forth?

I am creating music in Korea, and will be doing my artistry out here for some time. However, I still consider New York to be home, and I’m planning on visiting as often as I can to see my friends and family. They’re very important to me.

  • I love your song ‘Perfect’! The music video is dope. What was it like working on the song and video? 

When I first heard the beat, I knew I had to make it a full track. It had the perfect (ah get it?) vibe that I was looking for — positive and happy feel to it. Although the track is fun and may seem lighthearted, it actually contains a deeper message. I am telling people to never compare themselves to other people because they are perfect the way they are.

  • What songs or albums have you listened to the most lately? Who are your favorite artists? 

I listened to J.Cole’s new album recently, and I love it. My favorite artists are Biggie, J. Cole, Big Sean, Drake, Chance The Rapper, Saba, Vic Mensa, Kendrick, Biggie, and many more. I love ’em all.

Thanks again to pH-1 for the interview! You can get his single ‘Perfect’ on iTunes and listen to his album ’15 on Soundcloud (linked above). As always, like the SeoulRebels page on Facebook to stay updated on my latest interviews and reviews. Thanks for reading!

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