Crush ‘wonderlust’ Album Review

Crush’s latest album wonderlust has been out for about a week now and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. It’s wonderful from start to finish – all 14 minutes of it. If you have followed SeoulRebels for a while or if you read my previous review of Interlude then you already know I’m a huge fan of Crush’s artistry. The album is soooo good I want to complain about how short it is but instead I’ll count my blessings and be thankful I get to see Crush live in a few weeks (I’m HYPE).

The album somehow captures the essence of the fall season – and not just because of the title track. While ‘Oasis‘ had a summer bounce to it and the ‘Just‘ collaboration was perfect for winter (both  with visuals to match), wonderlust falls somewhere right in between.

The album begins with ‘wanderlust’ and you really couldn’t ask for a better introduction. I love the jazz band groove with Crush’s harmonious vocals throughout. This track is begging to be performed live (and that goes for every album on the track). Hopefully we’ll get another Special Clip like this one:

Next is upbeat ‘2411’. I love the guitar here, the sounds of dusk in the background and Crush’s almost rapping (idk what else to call it haha). ‘2411’ is followed by ‘향수 (nostalgia)‘. I really don’t know how to describe this track. I feel like its part lullaby, part orchestral masterpiece? All I know is it’s beautiful and I wanted it to go on forever. What I really need is a video of Crush performing this song by moonlight on a bridge overlooking a river. I sound crazy but just listen to the track and you’ll understand.

Next is the title track ‘어떻게 지내’. This is my favorite song on the album and if you haven’t experienced the music video yet you should. I can go on and on about Crush’s vocals but really the defining element of this song for me is the piano. I love the lyrics:

Past the cold winter, a strengthless spring and hot summer
It might seem like I’m doing ok
But no, I’m not ok
My reality is a cruel fall without you 

Here are the rest (courtesy of PopGasa). Last but not least we have ‘아빠처럼’, an ode to Crush’s father. Maybe the song only struck me this way because I’m black and grew up listening to gospel music but does this track not sound like a church solo?? There has to be someone out there that agrees with me. Anyhow, this is a great end to the album.

Those are all of my thoughts. What are yours? Share me with me what you think in the comments. You can hear Crush talk about wonderlust and his creative process here.

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