Dok2 and The Quiett’s New Record Label and Who’s Already Signed

According to a Soompi news release, the aim of Ambition Musik will be to release music “with a different color than what is known under Illionaire Records.”

Artists Hash Swan and Kim Hyo Eun, who gained recognition on SMTM5 this summer, are already signed to Ambition along with hip hop artist Changmo. Kim Hyo Eun’s departure from SMTM5 was one of the most disappointing eliminations from the summer in my opinion. I’m very excited to check out the the EP he’ll be releasing on the 13th! Check out the track list below:

Illionaire hosted a ‘Ambition Music Begins’ showcase featuring the three artists over the weekend in Hongdae. Follow Ambition Musik on Instagram to see clips from the show and like the Ambition Musik page on Facebook to stay updated!


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