Crucial Star Is Back! Listen To His New Single ‘Ain’t Nobody Like You’

As I have mentioned many times before, Crucial Star is my favorite Korean rapper and I have been patiently waiting for his comeback since the summer and the announcement of his move to C-JeS Entertainment.

For the last two weeks, in anticipation of his new single, I have had Crucial Star’s ‘Drawing #3: Untitled’ album on repeat. If you haven’t listened, it’s a good one. I’m planning to write a review at some point…

One of the highlights of starting this site was the opportunity I had to interview Crucial Star earlier this year right before the release of his last album (you can read it here).

The new song, ‘또 있을까 싶어’ in Korean (the English title is ‘Ain’t Nobody Like You’), features singer XIA aka Junsu from JYJ (also signed to C-JeS). Here are some lyrics from the chorus:

Will there be another?
Another girl like you in my life?
I realize only after I let you go
Will there be another?

In this song, Crucial Star is communicating his lingering feelings and regrets to a past love interest. Of course, everyone will assume that he is referring to former girlfriend rapper Heize (even the girl in the Polaroid on the album cover looks like it could be her…it’s too far away to see clearly on purpose obviously). This song is classic Crucial Star from the beat to the jazzy instrumentals to his story-driven lyrics. I also love what XIA adds to the song with his vocals.

Listen to the song below and see the teaser for the music video coming soon! You can find the rest of the lyrics here courtesy of PopGasa. And don’t forget to like the SeoulRebels Facebook page!


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