AOMG Tour 2016 – Chicago Concert Review


The AOMG Follow The Movement 2016 American Tour kicked off on Tuesday night in Chicago at the House of Blues. My partner-in-crime, photographer extraordinaire Lydia, and I were at the show with special press access (shout out to Siva Group!).


Before the show started I got to talk to a few fans about which members of AOMG were there favorite and which songs they were looking forward to most:

I talked to two fans (both from China) who said they have been following AOMG for 2 years and they were most excited for Loco and Gray and that they wanted to hear ‘You Too’ and ‘Metronome’. Two fans from Indiana said their favorite members were Simon D and Jay Park and they wanted to hear ‘Want It’ and ‘2nd Thots’. When I asked how long they had been fans, they both said “Since forever! Since [Jay’s] 2PM Days.”

Here’s the set list from the show:


I have been using the hashtag #simondtho for all of my posts regarding the concert because your boy was on point. He opened the show with a bang and let’s be real, could you ever get enough of that voice?


Despite plenty of Korean people being present, Simon D insisted on speaking  primarily English to the crowd. He’s so funny. At some point during his set he proudly announced “I’m 33 motherf****! I have a f***ing baby face” LOL


Simon D KILLED IT. Out of the four of them, his performance left the deepest impression. When I think of how to describe Simon D’s rap style I can’t really think of a better word than, well, aggressive. He attacked every verse, with that signature snarl or smirk on his face, occasionally breaking into a cute smile. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

I was so glad he performed Dang Dang Dang! That was one of my favorite Supreme Team songs. I also thoroughly enjoyed ‘Where U At’, which I’m not sure I had heard before.

Next up, Gray and Loco took the stage.


I’m a huge fan of Gray the producer and even recorded Gray but Gray the performer (despite being in good health, unlike Jay and Loco) was annoying haha. He’s pretty – we all know it – but so does he and half the time I felt like he was too busy being cute to actually perform. Less flirting and more singing next time Gray! Nevertheless, fans were eating it up.


That being said, I think ‘Summer Night’ was really fun live and was probably one of my favorite numbers from the night. Also Gray reminded everyone that he’ll be on SMTM5 this summer: “You know SMTM? I will be on season 5, with my boss Simon D.”

I was really hoping Loco would perform his new song but he didn’t. I keep telling everyone, Loco has zero swag but that’s A-okay because he’s an excellent rapper.


What he doesn’t have in swag he makes up for by being adorable and goofy on stage. I love Loco because he just seems to be having a really good time when he performs.



‘Hold Me Tight’ is probably my favorite song of Loco’s (followed by ‘High’) and it was the perfect way to end the Gray x Loco set. It was really fun to be in the audience for ‘Respect’, it was really easy to pretend I was on set of SMTM or something.

Last but not least, we have Mr. Jay Park. We were rushed out of the pit rather abruptly after the beginning of his set so we weren’t able to capture the best photos of him but nevertheless:




Jay came out fully clothed (which didn’t last for long) and started his set with ‘2nd Thots’. Jay actually has a really good voice and he sounded great despite being under the weather. I love ‘All I Wanna Do’ and it was excellent live.


Jay Park’s section of the set was HYPED. I can’t remember for what song (maybe ‘Mommae’?) but at some point everyone was back on stage. Songs like ‘Success Crazed’ and ‘Worldwide’ were soooooo much better live than recorded. Jay Park is a really fun performer and I thoroughly enjoyed his effortless dance moves.

I personally thought the back up dancers were a bit unnecessary (and not very good) but I enjoyed the dance break to the remix of ‘You Know’.

Overall, it was really awesome show! There are perks to being the first stop on the tour but also down sides. I’m not sure if ‘I Like 2 Party’ was cut because they weren’t all feeling well or if they were hoping to save energy for their New York show tonight.

Listen to the official track for the tour below and check out the rest of the photos from the show in the slideshow!

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10 thoughts on “AOMG Tour 2016 – Chicago Concert Review

  1. loel19 says:

    Gray is a great producer. I agree. But I feel like Gray hold something up everytime he performs. Like he wants to sing but at the same time he doesnt want to :3
    anyway, nice blog nice review. I’ll wait for next post… 🙂


  2. syazwanimohsin says:

    “He attacked every verse, with that signature snarl or smirk on his face, occasionally breaking into a cute smile”.
    OMG. I totally got that feeling tho! How can he be so HOT while giving that cute smile????
    I’m fangirling very much like now I’m shiver!

    Thank you for such great review! I’ve been reading many review, look into many videos and interviews on their performances for this particular tour and your review is the best! I can feel you writing with overflowing emotions and excitement I totally can feel it and you are so lucky to be there!! I like your indivudual comments on them too! And totally agree on Gray, performance wise he’s way behind the other I wish to see him more hype up or something but huge love for the others.

    I don’t know if I can ever stop loving them! #SimonDTho

    Liked by 1 person

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