‘I Am Sam’ – Sam Kim Debut Album Pt. 2 (feat. Crush)

‘I Am Sam’, part 2 of artist Sam Kim’s debut album, was released this week! I recently wrote an artist highlight on Sam and a quick review of the first part of his debut album (you can read it here).

The first part of the album was more mellow with an overall ballad vibe but ‘I Am Sam’ contains three more upbeat tracks: jazzy ‘No 눈치’, fun and funky ‘Dance’ and slow groove ‘Touch My Body’. Ever since the track list was released earlier this week fans have been anticipating ‘No 눈치’ featuring Crush!  Once again, Sam’s vocals are amazing. I was NOT expecting Crush to rap ya’ll…like where did that come from?? The two of them sound great together!

Check out the music video for ‘No 눈치’ and a live performance of the song below! Lyrics here courtesy of PopGasa)



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