BewhY releases new single ‘Shalom’

BewhY, a part of $exy $treet crew, just released his newest song, ‘Shalom’. BewhY was one of the most promising contestants early on in SMTM4. He had an amazing 1v1 battle with Microdot (watch it below!) but later was eliminated in a revival round against Lil Boi.

Even before his SMTM activity, last year in March BewhY released his first album ‘Time Travel’. Since then his feature in  CJamm’s ‘걍 음악이다 Remix’ in addition to his single ‘In Trinity‘ (released in the fall) have definitely left me wanting more. BewhY seems to be quite religious and he often makes references to his Christian faith in his music. I’m still waiting for the release of the lyrics for ‘Shalom’ but judging from the title I wouldn’t be surprised if they also have a religious theme.

Follow BewhY on Instagram and share your thoughts on Shalom in the comments!


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