Show Me The Money 4 – Ep. 6 Recap

Well well well…I had heard things about this episode but I still wasn’t prepared for the craziness.

Instead of getting to see who was eliminated from Team BrandNew right away, the show starts with Team ZiPal having a meeting where Zico and Paloalto explain the format of the challenge.


Zico lets the boys listen to the beat he created:


…okay Zico…can someone help me understand the title of the song?? “Turtle Ship” means nothing to me with my limited Korean proficiency. Team ZiPal has some bonding time where they go swimming and then practice take turns freestyling with the beat Zico created.4-09It’s all fun and games now but everyone seems to be really confident about the mission. Later when the rappers are trying to practice, Zico is criticized for being lazy since they had to use a demo beat while he finished the production.

Surrounded by talented rappers, One begins to lack confidence during practice. Poor thing, I think he’s just out of his league.




I have to admit out of all the performances, I most looked forward to this one and ‘My Zone’ from Team BrandNew.

Mino was fire this round. He slayed the YG producers with his lyrics:



Mino also proclaimed himself to be the 3rd adopted son of Zico and Paloalto haha

Jay Park said that Team ZiPal’s performance was the most exciting and they also won the affection of Tablo and Jinusean. Verbal Jint said they were the best.

Zico and Paloalto had a very difficult decision to make and they ended up telling the MC they needed more time



Everyone waited anxiously to hear who would be eliminated and in the end Team ZiPal regretfully let’s One go. Zico – “I have a heavy heart”.

Everyone knows One has potential but One says he knew it was coming, that he wasn’t 100% sure of himself. Paloalto – “Let’s see each other often”.

I’m not sure if its because of editing but it seems like they let BrandNew wait to eliminate someone until after Team ZiPal performed.



VJ and San E were pressed.


Verbal explains that Black Nut still depended on his glasses while Hanhae had trouble with his timing and the beat from the practices.

I CAN’T with all the dramatic pauses Mnet…


After much deliberation, Black Nut is eliminated and all the judges look shocked, the other contestants too


Hanhae looks mad stressed


Andup said Hanhae did nothing wrong but suffered damages because of the entire situation. Hanhae admits that he thought he would be eliminated. Hanhae seems to believe he was only kept because of his affiliation with BrandNew.

It was really clear that Verbal and San E were having a hard time with their choice. Jinu expressed that he didn’t think they made the right choice, simply because Hanhae was the only one out of 16 rappers who messed up.


The ‘Team Diss Battle’ mission is announced! Super B seems excited. They will perform and an audience will decide the winning team, then judges pick someone to eliminate from the losing team.

Team Aomg gets to pick their opponents first.


Team AOMG picks Team YG to challenge, leaving Team ZiPal to face Team BrandNew.

Zico believes they’ll be a special target because of Mino.


Tablo asks if they are allowed to diss CEOs and Jay Park shrugs but Tablo tells him “That’s you”. Tablos isn’t worried about being dissed because:


LOL Jay Park says what about Big Bang, and Sik-K says they shouldn’t, he likes them too much haha. Super B is so confident, Sik-K calls him Team YG’s Black Nut. Innovator calls Super B a battle professional.


The rappers discuss ground rules that they won’t touch families. Innovator says his parents are watching the show.



Tablo lets his team know that while he has a close relationship with AOMG, he wants them to do so well it’ll make things awkward between him and AOMG.


Tablo is a riot. Team AOMG seems uneasy because they haven’t prepared much, so they gather for a meeting.

Geegooin says that he has never written diss lyris before and they don’t even have a beat prepared.


The dispositions of the two teams are so different. Team YG is super calm while Team AOMG looks downcast…

…BUT it turns out apparently it’s all an act.


They wanted us to think they weren’t ready when in actually Team AOMG had being practicing hard. They were really proud of themselves for having fooled their opponents and the Mnet producers as well.

Loco tells Geegooin that he needs to work on his delivery but other than that their team is confident.


Them’s fighting words Geegooin.

Meanwhile Tablo and Jinusean tell their team that they have to get first place. The audience judging the battle will be made up of 100 eliminated rappers from earlier in the show. Which means P-Type and this guy are back:


Everyone is gathered to watch as the battle begins.


As they prepare to determine who will go first, Team YG or Team AOMG, Loco shares the ground rules they all decided on with the audience but Tablo brings up a discrepancy lol




Both groups of producers say they have no preference about who goes first but then Tablo says they should go second because if they go first Team AOMG is sure to choke. He’s out of control haha. Team AOMG wins the coin toss and chooses to go first.

The audience will throw down towels which will count as their votes at the end of the round, white for Team YG and blue for Team AOMG.


As the diss battle begins, Team AOMG pulls on their ski masks and Team YG seem taken aback. It starts rather violently with Lil Boi (wearing a YG shirt) getting hit and knocked to the ground and his YG shirt getting subsequently ripped off. Tablo’s face is gold.


There seems to be an issue though as Team YG claims the lyrics were hard to hear.


As Team AOMG finishes, someone starts climbing the fence towards the audience.




Zico said it was too much like a performance and Super B keeps the shade coming with his “it’s not even a circus” comment.

Now it’s Team YG’s turn. Super B is clearly in his element, I mean, he’s really coming for their lives. San E is thoroughly amused while Verbal Jint looks on like someone’s concerned parent.


Super B makes a particularly mean reference to Lil Boi’s height, telling him he should wear high heels and everyone goes crazy (but Verbal Jint is still concerned haha)

10-12 10-14

I couldn’t help but feel like Team YG might have crossed a line with the Amoeba Culture and Rhythym Power jabs and I could tell Geegooin didn’t appreciate it but it’s a diss battle so what are you gonna do? I can’t believe the teams tried to lay down ground rules in the first place.


There’s a weird beat switch for Innovator’s verse that I think threw off the battle a little bit. Overall, I think people thought YG was better at dissing but not as fluid or cohesive (a continual problem for this team).

As they await the audience vote, Incredible expresses the fact that Team YG is the underdog of this battle.


From just looking at the towels it seems like Team YG won but the MC kept telling them it was too early to tell. In the end they did win and they rejoice and Team AOMG realizes that one person has to leave.





The drama continues as the MC says that the next team has “had many things happen to them within the past 1-2 weeks”. What’s that about? We flash back to see that after the song mission, Hanhae was really uncomfortable due to Black Nut’s elimination.


I thin Hanhae put too much pressure on himself. He says he felt like he has to do well so no one else is eliminated because of him.

As Team Zipal is deciding who each rapper will target individually, Mino gets a mysterous phone call and has to step out.


He says he’s going to the bathroom and Mnet cuts away (for drama of course). For a while its unclear exactly what’s going on…


The show keeps going back and forth between Team Zipal grumbling and Verbal Jint and San E about to hear what their team has prepared.


As they’re practicing…


Black Nut enters…and the atmosphere gets real awkward…


We see that earlier Verbal Jint and San E had a meeting with the producers, and asked to re-evaluate their decision.



Black Nut feels they used favoritism in keeping Hanhae but he is still uncomfortable because he was already eliminated. He asks the producers for time.

27-03 27-45

Black Nut is hesitant and said he was angry and just wanted to relay his thoughts. He stands up to rap and he has prepared lyrics and everything… he performs right there in front of them all and I feel him but it’s going to be mad awkward when he rejoins the team after saying EFF YOU…


After all that, Hanhae says that he wants Black Nut to continue and Verbal Jint is actually CRYING…WHAT’S HAPPENING…People have been joking about how SMTM should win K-drama of the year but its low key true…


Whew. There is more dramatic music and we see previews of Team BrandNew arriving at the battle and Hanhae cheering from them sides. The MC stands between the producers of Team BrandNew and Team ZiPal and you can tell things are uncomfortable. Alas Verbal Jint has returned to his normal hair/garb.


Watch the preview for next week here:

Microdot posted this screenshot on Instagram, begging his brother (Sanchez from Phantom) to tell the world he’s a nice guy haha

It’s about to go down…

The music videos for Team BrandNew and Team ZiPal are below!



2 thoughts on “Show Me The Money 4 – Ep. 6 Recap

  1. Shaina Moreh says:

    “Turtle ship is the name of a very famous war ship created by General Lee Soon Shin, so it’s kind of fitting with the beat because it uses traditional Korean sounds like the gayageum”

    Shout out to my friend Jess Lee!


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