Joo Young ’91’ Dance Choreography

So I really wanted to post my recap of Episode 6 of SMTM but I’m STILL waiting for subs so in da meantime…

In addition to loving music, I’ve always loved dance. I’ve been dancing for most of my life and while dancing in college (shout out to Refresh Dance Crew at Northwestern <3) I spent a lot of time on Youtube and discovered many amazing choreographers from around the world.

One of those choreographers is Bangster, one of the leaders of Korean hip hop dance crew Auragene. I love it when I find choreography to Korean hip hop songs I enjoy so I wanted to post Bangster’s choreo to Joo Young’s latest single ’91’ here!

Check it out below!

And as a bonus, check out this class I taught for my dance crew a while back where I choreographed to ‘Click Me’ by Zion. T!

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