Show Me The Money’s Sik-K drops MV for ‘Better Life’

Rapper Sik-K, currently on Team AOMG on Show Me The Money, released a music video for his song ‘Better Life’ today. I think Sik-K has done well on the show thus far and I like this song more than I was expecting to. Some may find him immature (I admit the grills need to go) but I think Sik-K has a lot of potential and this music video just portrays him doing what he loves and having fun with his friends. I followed him on Instagram today and I’m pretty sure he was born in ’94 so the kid is still young. I hadn’t heard of Sik-K before SMTM and this release makes me wonder if he was eliminated from Team AOMG. I guess we’ll know after this week’s episode airs tomorrow but in the meantime check out the music video below:

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