Throwback Thursday – Rainstorm by Rainstone

So it’s not quite Thursday here in Chicago but for a throwback post I thought I would draw attention to a very important collab I missed in my ‘3 Must-Hear Korea US Artist Collaboration‘ article.

This collaboration was released in late October. This is the first released work of producer Rainstone. He brings together American R&B artist Brian McKnight and Korean rappers San E and Verbal Jint with amazing results. One can’t go wrong with McKnight’s vocals and I really enjoy San E and Verbal Jint’s music so the potential for this track was high from the beginning. I think it is a really unique track that I continue to enjoy listening to.

Here’s more on the music from the video description: “The song boasts a whole new and unique style being attempted in Korea, with the destructive and aggressive EDM genre dub bass sounds mixed with R&B and hiphop beats and Brian McKnight’s deep, rich voice singing the melody line.” Check out the lyric video below!

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