In Case You Missed It: Tablo to Pioneer New Hip Hop Label, Primary x Oh Hyuk, Zion. T bring us ‘Zero Gravity’ and Keith Ape and OG Maco Meet Face to Face

I was only away for a week but it seems I missed quite a bit. Here’s what I found while catching up on the latest music news and releases:

Epik High’s Tablo announced the creation of  a new hip hop label ‘High Ground’ under YG. Read more about it here:… (HipHopKr is a great site that’s kept up to date so check it out!)

Primary released a collaboration album with an artist by the name of Oh Hyuk called ‘Lucky You!’ and the album was accompanied by music videos for two of the tracks. I love Primary (I’m still salty I missed Amoeba Culture stateside this time around) and this is my first time hearing of artist Oh Hyuk. Check out the videos below:

Whew. Man. Amen to Oh Hyuk’s voice. I like this a lot. I discovered that Oh Hyuk is the main vocalist from Korean indie rock band Hyukoh under the label Cashmier Official. Check them out on Naver OnStage  here and like the group on Facebook while you’re at it. Oh Hyuk’s vocals remind me of an African-American R&B artist but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Vague I know but if you have any ideas let me know in the comments!

This song shares the name of French film director Michael Gondry and so appropriately I think the music video aims to be a tribute of sorts to his work. This track is very different from ‘Bawling’ but just as good. Artist Kim Ye Rim aka Lim Kim is also featured on this one (21-year-old singer who appeared on Superstar K3). After another bitterly cold winter up here next to Lake Michigan I didn’t think another music video could restore my appreciation for snow (since ‘Just‘ anyway) but this did it.

Keith Ape and OG Maco finally met at SXSW in Texas last weekend. Both artists performed at the music festival and OG Maco tweeted this photo with the following caption: “Stop hoping for negativity and understand I’m fighting the system and not the man.”

According to an article from HipHopPlaya (translated by HipHopKr) Hilite Records had this to say about the meeting: “The two met recently at the SXSW festival. Despite the obvious tension in the air, the two shared a meaningful and constructive conversation. Let’s forget the past.” An interesting development and one I was definitely not expecting after OG Maco’s  accusations of appropriation and strong criticism of Keith Ape and his crew. Read more from Hilite on It G Ma and news on where Keith Ape and the Cohort crew are headed in this article.

The music video for the track Zero Gravity, a collaboration project led by Sketchbook’s music director Kang Seung Won featuring Zion. T, was released last weekend. Here’s the blurb from the video description:

“The third track ‘Zero Gravity’ from [Kang Seung Won’s 1st Album Project : Part 3] is about the feelings of falling in love. Kang Seung Won asked Zion.T to work on this song, after hearing his charming voice. Kang has praised Zion.T as a “sexy and talented young man.” Zion.T boasts his soulful voice in the song, ‘Zero Gravity’. Zion.T’s soft, almost murmuring voice will make the listeners feel ‘Zero Gravity’, like “Time has stopped, like the flower petals blowing in the spring breeze”.” 

English subs are available on the video below per usual thanks to 1theK. Check it out!

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