Listen: Sik-K Drops ‘Boycold’ EP [Album Review]

It hasn’t been very long since Sik-K dropped his H.A.L.F. album back in the spring. He is just one of the H1GHR Music artists who have been staying busy releasing great music since the label was created. Sik-K has to be one of the best artist discoveries I’ve ever made via tuning into Show Me the Money.

This entire EP (as signaled in the title) was produced by Boycold. He is a part of Yelows Mob, the crew Sik-K and the GroovyRoom boys are a part of. His name sounded familiar but I couldn’t have named any of the tracks he’s produced off the top of my head before this EP release. After following him on Instagram I discovered that he produced two of my FAVORITE songs, ‘A Lil Bit’ from the H.A.L.F. album and ‘Bulletproof’ from Crucial Star’s Fall 2 album. Some other tracks you might have enjoyed produced by Boycold include BewhY x C Jamm’s ‘Puzzle’, Crucial Star’s ‘Love Yourself‘, and BewhY’s ‘Hewgeso’.

Sik-K’s music has a distinct style that I struggle to accurately describe. It is exemplified on certain tracks (see ‘Cha Cha’ and ‘Alcohol’ from Flip and’Somebody Else’ and ‘Too Many’ on H.A.L.F.).  It’s a chill, laid-back, somewhat muted sound with tinges of R&B here and there. Ever since I heard Sik-K rap on Boi B’s ‘ADY‘, I’ve wanted to hear him do more music like that. Parts of this EP are exactly what I was hoping for.

The first track Your Night is very different from the music Sik-K’s done before. It’s a lot closer to pop genre-wise and certainly funkier than any other music he’s ever released. A bold choice for the first track but a great choice for a music video.

Earphone moves back into familiar territory. I’m not totally sold on this beat but I enjoy Sik-K’s softer vocals on this one.

Get That Money is easily my favorite track, I really like the beat and the melody (see the music video here). As much as I enjoy Sik-K on a ‘turn up’ track, I feel like he’s in his element on this song.

EX is a great song. At this point in the EP, I felt like I was able to fully appreciate Boycold’s talent as a versatile producer. The highlight of this track is Cha Cha Malone’s vocals. He is one talented man.

h1ghr gang is a bop with island vibes. I’m so glad pH-1 kicked this one off. I can’t wait for whatever he’s preparing to release next. Jay Park’s verse rounds out the song and proves that he, pH-1 and Sik-K make quite the trio (go check out ‘Iffy‘ if you haven’t yet). This is a great song to end the album with.

I was really pleased with this release! What do you think of the EP? Any favorite songs? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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