New Music from Your Favorite H1GHR Music Artists

On the 7th of this month, R&B vocalist G.Soul released his Circles EP. I’ve said this before, but leaving JYP was the best decision this man ever made. The first two tracks on the album (‘Tequila‘ and ‘Bad Habit‘) were previously released.

Can’t’ is excellent. G.Soul really does have one of the best voices in the industry. You can find all the lyrics here (courtesy of PopGasa).

While ‘Can’t’ has more of a jazz-infused sound, the title track ‘Circles’ has more of a popular R&B vibe. It’s something I can easily imagine hearing on the radio here in the States. ‘Found You’, G.Soul’s collaboration with Deepshower (also featured on Deepshower’s How I met you EP), is a gem. I love house and house-inspired music so this track was a pleasant surprise.

You can find the entire Circles EP on Apple Music!

Sik-K, pH-1, and Jay Park teamed up with Dingo Freestyle to bring us the track ‘iffy’. The song was produced by GroovyRoom and released a couple days ago. The song is very catchy. I’m a big fan of Sik-K and pH-1 and I’m glad they’ve been releasing so much music this year! I believe pH-1 is working on releasing his own project soon. Both rappers are rocking their H1GHR Music chains in the video. I do want to know who on earth introduced Mr. Kwon Minsik to the durag of all things…

Anyhow, check out the music video below!

In addition to filming an mv, pH-1 and Sik-K sat down with Dingo Freestyle to do a short interview as well as film some behind the scenes clips with the GroovyRoom duo (sorry no English subs!). Check out both videos below:

Sik-K just announced his upcoming EP titled BOYCOLD, produced by, yes you guessed it, BOYCOLD.

The EP will drop on the 21st but the music video for the song ‘내일 모레 Get That Money’ was released yesterday! He’s still wearing that darn durag…but the song is dope. I really enjoy BOYCOLD’s production.


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