Kick It ‘Outside’ with Crush This Summer [Album Review]

The Korean R&B prince is back with a short three track album titled Outside. Crush has not only blessed us with three new songs but also with two amazing features (Beenzino and Sik-K), stunning visuals in two music videos, and the inevitable appearance of his dog Doyou in cover art and the music video for the title track.

Summer Love is a great start to this short album. Go ahead and add it to your summer playlist. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, this track is the perfect warm weather anthem.

While ‘Summer Love’ is more laid back, Outside (feat. Beenzino) takes it up a notch. Yep, add this one to your playlist too. The music video is brilliant and definitely matches the party vibe of the song. The entire song is great but I particularly love the hook (#rapperCrushrise) followed by the part where Beenzino comes in.

Don’t Be Shy is a bop. Okay so just add the entire album to your playlist. Crush and Sik-K make a great duo.

What’s your favorite song from the album?? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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