K-Indie Update: Urban Zakapa, Cheeze, Sugarbowl, Soulights and More!

Confession: I’m still behind after my overseas trip at the end of March + finals…I have so many videos saved in my ‘Watch Later’ playlist on Youtube it’s ridiculous haha.

Without further ado, here’s the latest music from some of your favorite Korean indie groups!

Urban Zakapa released their latest single, ‘혼자 (Alone)’, last week!  It’s a really pretty song exploring the concept of loneliness. The music video is beautiful too – check it out below!

Cheeze dropped their new single ‘Be There’ last week. I’m pretty new to this group but I’ve heard good things!

Sugarbowl released two singles recently: ‘우리가 우리 였을 때 (We Were Us)’ and ‘second date’. I love Sugarbowl’s sound and I personally really like ‘second date’ (check out these awesome behind-the-scenes photos from the mv set). For ‘We Were Us’, Sugarbowl jumps in on the new-ish vertical video trend. Watch both music videos below:

19-year-old singer-songwriter Kwon Jinah (signed with Antenna Music) released a music video for her song ‘Fly Away’ earlier this month. You can find the lyrics of the song here.

Okdal released single album ‘월월월월금 (Mon/Fri)’ in April. The album contains two songs: ”love advice’ and ‘intern’. The music videos for both songs reflect Okdal’s fun and quirky character. Check them out below!

Nell released a new animated music video for the song ‘Full Moon’ from their album C released last year!

Soulights released their Cloud EP back in January. ‘새벽, 서울은 N62’ is my favorite song on the short album. Rapper KittyB features on the last track. Check out the music video for the song ‘Crush’ from the album below!



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