Artist Highlight: Sleeq

If you don’t already know Sleeq, she is a rapper with the Daze Alive label headed by Jerry.K. Her label mates are rapper Don Malik and R&B artist Rico. Jerry.K is well known for his critical social commentary and this is evident in Sleeq’s music as well.

My first introduction to Sleeq was on Jerry. K’s track ‘묵념 (Silent Tribute)’:

This interview (though four years old) has some great introductory info about Sleeq and her path as an artist.

Sleeq’s single ‘Lightless’ released in 2013 is really good. I listened a couple weeks ago and I was actually upset that I hadn’t heard it before. I love laid back jazz-fusion tracks like this. 

Her Rap Tight single album was released in 2014. I was immediately impressed with the speed of her flow on the title track. Sleeq released the singles ‘Classism’ and ‘Energy/Python’ in 2015. Her first full album Colossus dropped last year. The standout tracks for me from this album are ‘Toothache (feat. Wilcox)’, ‘Liquor’, ‘Stay With Me (feat. 신지수)’, and ‘One and Only’. 

This year Sleeq released a new single I really enjoyed titled ‘Ma Girls’. I love the production of this track. Sleeq has a really unique tone that grabs your attention as soon as she starts rapping.  Check out the music video below:

Sleeq released a collaboration single album this year with Don Malik with 2 tracks – upbeat and funky ‘Wonderland’ and more downtempo ‘이륙’. I really enjoy both of these songs.  Here’s a live version of ‘이륙’ below:

Check out Sleeq and Don Malik on Mic Swagger – Sleeq kills this freestyle:

You can follow Sleeq on Instagram here. Keep an eye out for more music from her in the future!

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