Muggles’ Mansion Album Review

Better late than never, right? Here’s a quick review of the Code Kunst collaboration album Muggles’ Mansion!

Artistic (Intro)

향수 (Feat. Nucksal)

Code Kunst’s unique production style shines on this track. I really enjoy the last half of the track. The beat completely changes and Nucksal delivers faster paced verses. I’m only familiar with Nucksal as a feature artist but I enjoy his style.

THIS IS (Feat. CJamm)

I love CJamm but have to admit I don’t like the musical style of the track. It does however fit CJamm’s laid back flow.

Fire Water (Interlude)

FIRE WATER (Feat. G.Soul, Tablo)

Hmmm. Yes. This was one of the most anticipated tracks on the album so I knew it would be good. I was sold as soon as the beat started. G.Soul’s vocals never disappoint and Tablo’s tone is perfect for this style of music. I think this is the strongest song on the album.

StrOngerrr (Feat. Loco, Mino)

I don’t dislike this track but it’s very different from what I was expecting. I saw the title and then saw that Loco and Mino would be featuring, which led me to think this would be a more upbeat, hard-hitting track. Then again, that doesn’t really fit Code Kunst’s style.


Born from the Blue (Feat. Justhis)

I don’t have a fully formulated opinion of Justhis yet but I’ve noticed him featuring on more and more albums. I’m not the biggest fan of the chorus but I thought his verses were good.

Cruz (feat. Loopy, Punchnello, Ugly Duck)

I really like this track. All the artists’ verses are really strong and the order was perfect. The verses grew in intensity from Loopy to Punchnello to Ugly Duck. I’m an ever-increasing fan of Loopy and Ugly Duck. Also super impressed with Punchnello holding his own on this one.

X (feat. Lee Hi) 

This is easily one of my favorite tracks on the album. As far as I’m concerned, Lee Hi can keep making R&B music with HIGHGRND forever.

Parachute (Feat. Oh Hyuk, Dok2) and Beside Me (Feat. BewhY, YDG, Suran) were previously released. Both somewhat unlikely collaborations but excellent songs.

Lounge (Feat. Hwaji)

Seoul rapper Hwaji , known for ‘cloud rap‘, is fairly new to me. He worked on some projects with Okasian and Reddy a while back and recently featured on G2’s album. Hwaji is signed with Inplanet Music, an R&B and Hip Hop label. His full album Zissou, released last year, won ‘Best Rap and Hip Hop Album’ at the Korean Music Awards in February according to Soompi. I’ll definitely have to give it a listen!

White AnxiEty (Outro) (Feat. Colde of offonoff) 

This is a pleasant minimal track with just a keyboard and Colde’s slightly echoing vocals. Colde is one half of offonoff (signed to HIGHGRND) and they are currently touring the U.S. with Dean. I’m really excited for the show this weekend in Chicago!

Don’t shoot me MAMA (Feat. Car, the garden)

White AnxiEty would have been a great close to the album but this song is almost like a bonus track. I think it fits in well at the end since the style is very much a departure from the sound of the rest of the album. Car, the garden is a really unique artist – if you’re not familiar with his music, check this out.

I hope there will be more collaboration albums like this in the future. Code Kunst is a talented producer and I’m sure we can expect great things from his next project. Which tracks from Muggles’ Mansion are your favorite? Let me know in the comments and make sure to follow SeoulRebels on Facebook for the latest updates!

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