ICYMI – January Edition

The first month of 2017 is already over and SeoulRebels is back after a brief hiatus! So much amazing music was released the last few weeks and I’m here to catch you up.

  • Sam Kim and Loco – yep, Loco AND Sam Kim – teamed up to bless us with the single ‘Think About’ Chu’. Loco. Enough said. And if you don’t know Sam Kim by now, well, you should.  I was SOLD on this song from the beginning of that bass line. It’s not a collaboration I would have ever imagined, but it’s exactly the collaboration I needed. Check out the music video and a live version courtesy of the Dingo Music channel below!


  • Lady rapper Kasper dropped her new song ‘Lean on Me’ and I actually really enjoy it! Sure, she’s still not the best performer (anyone remember her Unpretty Rapstar days?) but this release left me wanting more. I’d actually love to hear her and Hoody on a track together. What do you think of the song? Check out the video below:


  • A little over a week ago, a teaser was released for an upcoming Dok2 x Masta Wu collaboration entitled ‘Sh*t’. Masta Wu is a bit of an OG and I much prefer his old stuff (circa 2007) to his new stuff. His single ‘Yamaha’ with Red Roc and Okasian from a few months ago completely escaped me (it’s not great). Dok2 rarely disappoints me so I was excited to see their names together but still not sure what to expect. I listened…and was not impressed. I thought Dok2 could save the track, but I probably won’t be listening again. I didn’t think this song could be worse than ‘Yamaha’ but I was wrong…
  • I am NOT the romantic type okay. Not even a little bit. Some people cry when they watch Titanic. I sigh and roll my eyes. However…these K-indie music videos always get to me. How do they capture so many moods and emotions in only 4 minutes?! Two of my favorite groups released beautiful songs (and music videos) last month: ‘두려워질만큼’ from Sugarbowl and ‘Crush’ from Soulights. Listen and watch below!


  • I have heard sooooo many good things about the Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam project ‘Cave Me In’. I’ve actually waited until writing this post to listen to it. The song was teased back in the fall when Gallant appeared in a photo spread for W Magazine with Tablo and Eric Nam while in Korea for his first solo concert there. Please read this great Billboard interview with Tablo and Eric Nam about the song and if you haven’t yet, listen and check out the music video below!


Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about the King’s (aka Zion.T’s) new album. I’ll be covering that very soon. Thanks for reading! Make sure to like the SeoulRebels page on Facebook to stay updated on the latest news, interviews and reviews!


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