New Music from offonoff and Geeks

Club Eskimo/HIGHGRND artist offonoff released their mini album ‘photograph’ last week! It contains the title track ‘Photograph’ as well as a song titled ‘Moon, 12:04 am’.

Prior to offonoff joining HIGHGRND, the only place I was able to find their music was on their Soundcloud (which you should definitely check out) so I’m really excited about these songs. I really love the mood of ‘Photograph’. The music video is stunning and captures the elements of the song well. Watch below and see if you can spot the scenes in Chicago!

On Monday Geeks released their new single ‘가끔 (Sometimes)’ featuring Crush and Giriboy. You can listen to it on Spotify:

I really like this single. It has a completely different feel than their last song ‘Divin‘ and Crush and Giriboy are excellent additions to the track. What do you think of it? They released two teasers for the song (and a music video coming soon?), one featuring Lil Boi and the other featuring Louie. Check them out below!

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