Crush Drops New Music Video for ‘wonderlust’ Title Song

The music video for ‘fall (어떻게 지내)’, the title song of Crush’s new ‘wonderlust’ EP, was released earlier today! This morning (11 pm KST) Crush was on a live stream via V Live TV where he talked about his new album – you can watch it here. It should be available with English subs soon if it’s not already.

Hmmmm Shin Hyo Seob has done it again. I love this song. It’s perfect for the fall season. The video is wonderful – the beautifully muted colors (it looks like the whole thing was filmed at dusk) and Crush roaming around the city, playing piano and serving us soulful vocals.

I will have a review of ‘wonderlust’ up soon but in the meantime enjoy the music video below!

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