The Best Moments (and Memes) from Show Me The Money 5

Some people may watch Show Me The Money simply to enjoy the music and root for their favorite contestants. The rest of us are invested for all of the drama and the laughs the Mnet spectacle brings and usually we get some great music thrown in. 

As I have posted recaps this season, I have refrained from including a lot of the great #smtm5 related content on the Internet. But today is the day to sit back and reflect while  enjoying all the memes, gifs and more.

I know I haven’t posted the recap for the finale yet, but there will probably be spoilers in this post. You’ve been warned.  That being said, let’s kick things off with this video from famous Korean video creator Go Toe Gyeong:

 The accuracy of this…

And this (if you actually played RIP to your liver):

Early on this season, there was CJamm and his juicebox.

One of the best parts about Show Me The Money (and any competition reality show really)  are all the weirdos that show up to the auditions. There was this guy…

And all of these guys:

And then there were some contestants who weren’t crazy but attracted attention nonetheless:

At first, I was worried that baby Jaewon would once again be remembered this season  as struggling to escape the idol shadow cast upon him by YG:

But then your boy fought valiantly:

G2 was known this season for his voice, his hair and the perpetual ‘I need a nap’ look on his face:

This lie from the captain of ‘Team Visual’ himself:

That time we realized how petty The Quiett is:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there was this awesome SNL skit.

I would argue that this season definitely beat last season in terms of the caliber of songs produced but this is so true:

CJamm receiving shade at the beginning…

…and end of the season:

That moment we realized Seo Chulgu was a stellar student:


Speaking of Superbee…

That time this happened:

And then Kush posted this on Instagram:

There was this Team AOMG dance party in the dressing room:

This season Team GMC (Gill and Mad Clown) turned out be what was possibly the most awkward producer combo to date:


There’s always a point in the season where you can tell some of the producers are just plain tired. Last year it was Tablo, this year Team Illionaire (who has a tour in the states starting soon to be fair):

When you thought the dab would die with Myundo’s exit but nah…YOU THOUGHT

Last but not least, if we’re honest, the biggest thing we have to thank SMTM5 for is the return of CrushT:

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I could keep going but there’s just too much good stuff out there. Please comment with any of your favorite memes and gifs from this season. Many thanks to all of the Twitter and Tumblr users for all of the content!

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One thought on “The Best Moments (and Memes) from Show Me The Money 5

  1. m m m says:

    Nice collection! You’ve done a great job of the recaps again this year!

    I’ve been spoiled for the winner, but I’m holding off on watching the final until subs come out. So true that the spectacle and the extra content really add to experiencing this show. It’s been kinda sad avoiding it in the meantime.


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