Show Me The Money 5 – Episode 9 Recap (Semifinal)

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I am writing this while waiting for the SMTM5 Concert tickets to go on sale and simultaneously  avoiding Twitter so I don’t see any spoilers from the finale.

Here are our remaining contestants:

Team YG – Reddy, CJamm, Seo Chulgu
Team AOMG – Bewhy
Team GMC – Sharp Gun
Team Illionaire – Superbee

– Bewhy is prepared to announce his opponent choice. There is much speculation that it would be CJamm but Bewhy chooses Reddy instead. Sad times…it’s a smart choice for Bewhy as I’m sure he’s looking to secure his spot in the finals. Bye Reddy, it’s been real.


– Reddy adds that he suddenly wants to win.

– Superbee makes his choice next – Seo Chulgu’s name is called. The Quiett explains their choice, saying their team needed some kind of revenge (after losing Flowsik).

– This leaves Sharp Gun to go head to head with CJamm. All Gil and Mad Clown can do is laugh.


– This will all come down to not only skill but popularity. Reddy and Sharp Gun will put up a good fight but unless something crazy happens I don’t think they stand a chance. The only true toss-up in my opinion will be Superbee vs Seo Chulgu.

– Everyone is filmed and interviewed briefly on performance day. Reddy’s face is a combination of dazed and tired but then again that has pretty much been Reddy’s face all season. He is too laid back for this. Sharp Gun is surprisingly confident but he has always had a good attitude. Meanwhile Gil and Mad Clown have already accepted his loss. Seo Chulgu seems to be feeling good.


– Mad Clown and Gil meet with Sharp Gun to discuss his stage while Kush and Zion T strategize with CJamm. Sharp Gun wants Jessi to be a part of his stage. She also laughs when Gil tells her he’s competing against CJamm.

– Gil says he realized that Sharp Gun has a hard time writing lyrics about things he hasn’t felt or experienced. Sharp Gun talks about his first relationship with an older girl that didn’t go well and Gil decides it would be good to have a female rapper feature who can represent his ex. Gil is the one who decides to call Jessi. 

– During rehearsal we see that Sharp Gun will be rapping with a video of Jessi behind him. It is a little weird and not as cool as having Jessi there on stage but we’ll see what the audience’s reaction is.

– I really liked Sharp Gun’s entrance (he even gave Mad Clown goosebumps). Sharp Gun rapped really well! His delivery was clear and he got into character. I think he exceeded everyone’s expectations.

– Earlier it sounded like CJamm asked Kush about the possibility of Mino joining him on stage. Black Nut meets up with CJamm at the studio but later in rehearsal Zico practices with him on stage. Man, this is going to be good.

– CJamm says Black Nut is like a mentor to him. Black Nut wonders why CJamm asked him for help when he lost to Mino last year.

– Black Nut is in the audience to cheer CJamm on.

– I thought it was cool that CJamm did a tribute to Muhammad Ali. His entrance was really cool and Zico was a great addition. There was a moment where I thought CJamm’s rapping sounded strange, a little forced even. Not long after he made a lyrical mistake. It’s very noticeable with the editing but maybe it was less so live. I personally was expecting more verses from CJamm and I don’t think a performance like this would have been enough against Bewhy.

– Afterwards you can tell CJamm regrets his slip up. I don’t think it’ll change anything but it makes me sad because it probably gave Sharp Gun a glimmer of hope. The audience locks in their votes and we move onto the next match.

– Seo Chulgu visits home. I love when the contestants visits their parents. He looks so much like his mom.


– During his rehearsal, Team Illionaire  looks hella bored (Mnet shows Superbee yawning yet again). Chulgu receives a lot of coaching from the producers during practice. I hope it all pays off.

– I loveee Suran’s voice. This is a really chill performance that I think required a lot of charisma from Seo Chulgu to pull off. Seo Chulgu seems pleased after it’s all over.

– Superbee already had someone in mind to feature in his performance and Dok2 promptly calls whoever it is up. During Superbee’s rehearsal, Seo Chulgu doesn’t seem impressed. Seo Chulgu finds fault with Superbee’s performance because of it’s lack of sincerity, saying the audience will be more into his honest lyrics. The track is composed by Giriboy so I have high expectations.

– Everyone backstage thinks the beginning is really cute. Did you think the dab would die with Myundo’s departure? I did. I thought wrong. The track switches up halfway though and Superbee loses the shark hat. Sad, I preferred that to his hair…Microdot enters and brings just what Superbee was looking for – lots of energy.

[ I appreciated my friend’s thoughts on Superbee’s performance – check out his blog here]

– I am fascinated to see what the votes turn out to be for this round.

– Last but certainly not least we have the final showdown – Bewhy vs Reddy.

– Bewhy meets with Simon D and Gray. Simon D tells him he loves him. Bewhy couldn’t be more relaxed but there is some discussion about who Team YG might bring in as a featured artist. Reddy seems a tad bit worried but he knows he’s in good hands.

– Reddy says he wants to do a fun and light stage to contrast with Bewhy’s performance.

– Reddy meets up with Paloalto while Bewhy pays his older brother, a professional singer, a visit. Paloalto asks Reddy how everything has been and tells him that he personally doesn’t like Bewhy’s rap style but recognizes how popular he is. 


– Bewhy seems to have big plans for his stage, holding an earlier practice complete with orchestra musicians. Bewhy’s brother helped him get the string instrument team for his performance. Reddy has a live band joining him but if he has a featured artist, they have not been revealed yet. KushT seems pleased with his rehearsal.

– As everyone looks on, Jay Park comes out to join Bewhy on stage during his rehearsal. Smart move, Team AOMG, smart move. Bewhy seems to slip up with his lyrics during rehearsal (probably because there are so many). I appreciate his ambition but I hope he’s able to make it through the performance with no mistakes.

– Bewhy starts with his song ‘The Time Goes On‘ and then transitions into ‘Day Day’. Bewhy is an awesome performer, you can tell he puts everything he has into each stage. Jay was just the icing on the cake. Reddy has a tough act to follow.

– I was skeptical at first (I always am with rock/rap fusion situations) but I have to say everything fit so well – Reddy’s style, his rapping, Bobby’s appearance. Superbee says Reddy was his favorite from team YG and The Quiett says if they had to choose it was the most exciting stage. I’m proud of Reddy. Being on Team YG has probably helped him to grow a lot.

And now the results…

First is Sharp Gun vs CJamm:

Sharp Gun – 4,025,000
CJamm – 5,475,000

I didn’t forsee it being this close. This is an exit Team GMC can feel good about. I know Gil is ready for vacation and Mad Clown is finally free to hang out with his wife.

Next – Superbee vs Seo Chulgu:

Vote 1:
Superbee – 1,875,000
Seo Chulgu – 2,700,000

Vote 2:
Superbee – 5,450,000
Seo Chulgu – 3,975,000

Everyone’s jaw drops…Superbee is thrilled and Seo Chulgu just looks a little shocked while Kush looks upset.

Finally – Bewhy vs Reddy:

Vote 1:
Bewhy – 4,475,000
Reddy- 225,000


Vote 2:
Bewhy – 7,550,000
Reddy – 1,825,000

Wow. I knew Bewhy would win but my goodness. Based on these results alone, I’d say Superbee and CJamm are in trouble come the finale.

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Check out the music videos below from the 3 finalists!


3 thoughts on “Show Me The Money 5 – Episode 9 Recap (Semifinal)

  1. m m m says:

    I like the new layout! Looks good.

    This was a really fun episode. It felt like there was no downtime and it was just entertaining/exciting the whole way through. Even though the outcomes seemed predictable, it didn’t feel that way when watching.

    I was surprisingly interested in the Seo Chulgu and Superbee faceoff. I didn’t really care if either of them got through, although wanted Superbee to go home more. They both kinda have that bratty love-to-hate vibe and were known for being good at dissing. But then Superbee was fun and cutesy (agreed that Shark Hat was the preferred hair option), did a really solid job and had Microdot (who did a shout out to the Kiwi boys! ay!) so I was glad he won in the end.

    During Superbee’s performance:
    Me: Aww Chulgu, they keep cutting to his sad face! He looks so sad! His sad sad face!
    My friend: … That’s just his face.

    Also, how many calls to 119 have been made this season?!

    Poor ZionT looked stressed out the whole show! I think I was right that it was going to be a lot tougher having to prepare 3 stages/songs. Their featuring artists were so good too… maybe too good and stole the show? For a change the recorded versions seem better than the live ones!

    Felt really sorry for Sharp Gun leading up to his performance. It seemed so inevitable, but then he had such a great opportunity to work with Team GMC and it turned out great. So funny when they had to take their lights and go home. The awkwardness compilation was spot on! I really hope Gill keeps his word and comes back next year (dragging Mad Clown along with him).

    Also, why the two hats, Mad Clown? Was it because Sharp Gun had plain hair and your team needed to mix it up a bit?

    I have had Day Day stuck in my head all week. Such an smart move to change up and showcase the range of BeWhy’s skill. Especially for newcomers like me who don’t actually know what the contestants are really capable of. The scores were even more brutal than last week! Even though Reddy and Team YG did such a good job! Ouch.

    Looking forward to the final! Although, I’m not looking forward to the painful dragging out before they show the results.


  2. m m m says:

    Another thing… that melodramatic goodbye music. I can’t ever be sad because it’s so obviously meant to be a sad sentimental ballad and it’s in english which is really jarring and cheesy. I kinda love how awful it is.


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