Jay Park and Ugly Duck drop EP ‘Scene Stealers’

The new EP ‘Scene Stealers’ from AOMG artists Jay Park and Ugly Duck is here! Jay has been teasing the album for a while now on social media. Check out the tracklist below:


There is a music video that was also released today for the title track ‘우리가 빠지면 PARTY가 아니지 (Ain’t No Party like an AOMG Party)’ which involves Jay Park’s dance moves so you know it’ll be good. 

I have been somewhat unplugged from social media lately as an act of self-care in light of everything going on in the States in the last week so I missed this Instagram post from Jay Park (below). Encouraging to see someone who is actively engaged in making music rooted in black culture and black creativity express support for fighting injustice.


I will have have an album review posted soon but in the meantime check out the music video below!


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