New Releases from Beenzino and Dok2

Both Illionaire Records artists dropped new tracks yesterday. Beenzino’s ‘Life In Color’ is a bit of a sneak peek from his upcoming full-length album. The song, produced by Peejay, has a chill jazzy vibe with an upbeat chorus. This track has me really excited for the rest of the new album! I feel like Beenzino could rap over just about anything. ‘Life In Color’ is available on Naver now and will be available on iTunes soon! For now you can listen on Youtube (shout out to HipHopKR) below and find the lyrics here:


UPDATE: May 26th a music video for ‘Life In Color’ was released! Check it out here.

Meanwhile, Dok2, who is currently busy as a producer on the current season of Show Me The Money, released mini-album ‘1llusion’ yesterday with two tracks – ‘1llusion’ and ‘I’m 1ll (Remix)’. Listen to the title track below and find the lyrics here:


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