DEAN in Chicago – Show Review!

On Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing DEAN aka DeanTRBL perform at the Northwestern Korean American Student Association’s annual show!

Dean was the headliner but in addition to his performance there was a traditional Korean folk music and dance performance, Taekwondo demonstration, a student hip hop dance crew performance and students performing covers of popular Korean songs and K-pop dances.

My friends and I waiting for the doors to open before the show!

During my time as a student at Northwestern, I attended, performed in and helped plan KASA show and I can safely say that this year’s show was the best one yet. I believe tickets were sold out the Sunday before the show which was unprecedented.

Dean’s bio in the program

Jeffrey Yoo, Dean’s manager from Joombas Group, announced upon their arrival in Chicago that they would be giving away a few more tickets to fans who posted videos of themselves singing one of DEAN’s songs. Congrats to those whose videos were selected as winners!

Dean was amazinnnnggg. The auditorium the show was held in doesn’t have the best sound system but despite that Dean sounded great and you could tell he was really giving us his all. There was a huge crowd right up on the stage during the whole performance.


I had  a great view from the balcony and although I was glad I wasn’t in the mosh pit it would’ve been nice to be closer to Dean while he performed. He is a really energetic performer and interacted a lot with the crowd. I’m so glad I got to witness his dance moves for ’21’ and his iconic drop to the floor live.

Check out the videos from the show that Dean’s manager posted on his Instagram:


I was able to capture some video as well (excuse the quality and my singing haha…):


Shout out to Northwestern KASA for putting on a great show! Thanks for reading!



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