Show Me the Money 5

Mnet is bringing us yet another season of Show Me The Money which will begin airing in May. Official auditions begin this weekend in Seoul and this year there will be auditions held in LA on March 19. Although non-Korean, non-Korean speaking rappers have auditioned and even competed (Toy from Season 3) on the show before, Mnet has stated that they will hold auditions in both Korea and the US from now on:

“With the new season coming up, we were flooded with requests from rappers abroad saying they wanted to participate in Show Me the Money. By expanding the opportunity to rappers abroad, we want to introduce a more diverse group of talented rappers this season. You can look forward to increased competition among the rappers.”

Now I know that most of us are only invested in this program for the drama. It’s a hot mess and that’s why people like it. I for one am fascinated to see how all of this goes down. HOW will the show work if there are multiple contestants who can’t speak Korean? Will the host speak in English and Korean? Will there be a translator on the show at all times? Will they intentionally pick producers this season that understand both languages well? If there are American rappers as tatted up as Jay Park, will Mnet blur half of their bodies as well?


Okay, on a more serious note, on top of all of that, let’s not even begin to discuss the potential for racial insensitivity, ignorant comments, even more appropriation…is Mnet aware of what they’re getting into? And let’s talk  about this promo from their Youtube channel:


Remember that awful cypher episode from last season when Snoop Dogg was a guest and didn’t understand anyone but Microdot and a brawl basically erupted on stage? I almost wish Snoop Dogg had never even agreed to be on the show because I see now that SMTM will forever hold up his appearance as a badge of hip hop legitimacy. Sigh.


Maybe I’m being pessimistic. Maybe I’m not. Either way, make sure to check back here as I I will be posting updates leading up to the start of the show and recaps for each episode during season 5.

As long as no Truedy-like characters show up and no one drops the n-word, we may be okay. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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