Mad Clown x Brother Su – Like Romance Comics

Rapper Mad Clown and artist Brother Su teamed up to create ‘Like Romance Comics’, their new single described below (from 1theK):

“Mad Clown and Brother Su sing the inconvenient truth of single men and women. The song titled [Like Romance Comics] is the song of comfort for single men and women of these times who cry poor mouth from irresistible loneliness. It is impressive to listen to the harmony of warm atmosphere of Brother Su and calm rapping of Mad Clown. Vivid reality, lyrics of Mad Clown that you can sympathize with 100%, and Brother Su’s melodies embracing all the elements of the song suggest the best example of teamwork. In late winter, singles who are sensitive to seasons can get vicarious satisfaction with this song.”

Mad Clown’s smooth rap flow and Brother Su’s vocals sound great together musically. What do you think of the song??

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