Beenzino in New York – Photos and Video from the Show

Beenzino just wrapped up his 2015 North American Tour and I was able to attend his New York concert with friends last weekend! This was my first K-Hip Hop show and Beenzino didn’t disappoint. The venue (Stage 48 in NY) was a good size and I had a good vantage point from the balcony to get some pictures and video clips of the show.


DJ Shimmytwice was with Beenzino for the tour so the first third of the concert was primarily Jazzyfact songs. It was awesome to hear some of my favorite tracks from the duo – ‘Always Awake’, ‘아까워’ and ‘각자의 새벽’ – live.


I was initially wondering how the two hour concert would be filled but between his 24-26 album, Up All Night, Jazzyfact, a few of his new songs plus a bunch of songs he’s featured on, Beenzino had more than enough content for a great show.

At the beginning when Beenzino first came out on stage, he claimed that he was “already drunk” but his energy level was high throughout the show including the encore. His lyrics were never unclear or slurred. I’m not sure what it was like for the other shows but Beenzino is definitely an exciting performer with lots of swag and charisma on stage and he kept the audience hyped.

Alright, enough talk, here are the rest of the photos and video I was able to capture from the night. I apologize for the low quality (courtesy of my iPhone) and any motion/sounds of me singing along haha…anyways check it out!


Check out Instagram and other khiphop sites for more footage from the show!


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