Queen Mirae is back with ‘This Love’

Yesterday we were blessed with the release of a beautiful new song from Korean hip hop royalty, Yoon Mi Rae herself. This song is everything. Not only can she rap but Yoon Mi Rae has shown her vocal skill on many MFBTY tracks not to mention songs for a few Korean drama OSTs. I was blown away by her voice in ‘This Love’, check out the music video below and listen for yourself!

From 1theK:

“The world famous female rapper, and the ‘music chart queen’ who has been dominating the music chart, Yoonmirae, is back with the sentimental ballad ‘This Love’. This song will color this winter with tears.
The sad ballad song ‘This love’ has winter feelings to it. It starts with a piano melody, and Yoonmirae’s husky voice dominates our ears throughout the song. In the introduction part she sings as if she is calmly talking to a tired lover. But in the climax part, the feelings of love explode. Yoonmirae’s irreplaceable sentiment and vocal tone shines the song. The theme of the song is about a girl who is longing for her old lover, hurt about the farewell they had. The song says that even the pain of breaking up is part of ‘This love’.”

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